High Key Minimalism

I would like to share a new post processing technique that I accidentally stumbled upon. I call it high key minimalism. Look at these images. The Before image is meh. I mean really meh. I saw this boat vendor while aboard a cruise ship in Halong Bay in Vietnam. I just zoomed in and clicked. No thinking, no framing. Just clicked. The final image, humility aside has something. Something interesting.

On Lightroom (photo processing picture for those of you are not familiar), I tried playing with it. The one main ingredient for this technique like is that you need a picture where there’s one main subject, and everything around it is the same. In this case, the boat is the subject, and the water is the homogenous surrounding. After that, it becomes pretty simple. Change Exposure and Highlights to max, increase contrast, saturation if necessary, adjust black point to dark, remove some spots and you are done. Try doing this yourself. It’s very rewarding!

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