1. High Key Minimalism

    Date 01 Feb 2017
    I would like to share a new post processing technique that I accidentally stumbled upon. I call it high key minimalism. Look at these images. The Before image is meh. I mean really meh. I saw this boat vendor while aboard a cruise ship in Halong Bay in Vietnam. I…

  2. Was she flirting with me?

    Date 31 Jan 2017
    San Francisco is a great city for street photography. There’s always something going on even if nothing is going on. I was walking on Powell street when I saw this beautiful woman behind the glass window of a jewelry store. I instantly knew this was going to be a good shot. Maybe…

  3. Rio Madre De Dios

    Date 29 Jan 2017
    Something very calming about a gentle boat ride in the Peruvian rainforest. Watch the video if you don’t believe me.

  4. What you see here is not what the camera saw

    Date 22 Jan 2017
    You might think the lighting on this picture was exactly how I saw it when I took the shot. Far from it. The difference is night and day. Quite literally. This picture was taken around noon on a busy intersection in Saigon, Vietnam.I want to let you in on a secret.…

  5. Unleash the child in you

    Date 19 Jan 2017
    Unleash the child in you. The child that is always curious.The child that knows everything is possible. The child that doesn’t know fear to be afraid.The child that learns from mistakes. The child that’s childish but never petty.The child that will laugh with you and not at you. The child…

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