Just an ordinary photographer who captures ordinary moments of everyday life.

I taught myself photography over many years. Having been through 4 different SLRs, several point and shoots and many iPhone cameras, I have come to the realization that cameras are just tools. The recording of moments that would have otherwise been lost forever is what makes these magical inventions so special. As much as I love being with my camera, life around me is what has made my journey in photography so rewarding.

I have travelled to forty countries, and every place I go, I feel small. With seven billion people on this planet, the sea of humanity that surrounds us can be overwhelming.

Everyone has a story. They live it everyday, yet it's often untold.

My camera cannot capture every person's every moment, but the few moments it does capture, hopefully tell stories. I want my photographs to make you think, wonder, question, pause, reflect. I want you to appreciate the moment for what it was, for what it may have been. I want you to connect with the people in my pictures in some way that's your own. I want you tell yourself a story that may or may not have been. I want you to experience your own moment. 

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